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Welcome to F3FC, aka F3 Football Club  
Today’s session is the V-Q of Sir Thunder, a soccer coach who will try and bring the excitement of the pitch to the gloom for F3Princeton… let’s get going!

Date: 5/26/2021

Conditions: clear skies, 60 degrees

The Warm-Up…. (Community Park, West Windsor)

8 PAX: Aviator, Brisket, Thunder (Q), Mountie, Dos Equis, Scar U, Dick Clark, Risky Business.

Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye


  • Motivators
  • Stretch – Arm circle/Circle Arms, Elbow above head, Groin Stretch, Tippy Toes
  • Mosey over to Field

Dynamic Soccer Drills

  • Run around the cones 30 seconds
  • High Kicks left/right 30 seconds
  • Kick twist left/right 30 seconds
  • Side steps 30 seconds
  • Hop 30 seconds
  • Zig-zags (Rotate around all cones)
  • Frog Jump over cones (Rotate around all cones)
  • Toe taps with the ball 30 seconds
  • Breathing Exercise (Dos)

Circuit 1 x2

  • Merkins (2 hands on ball – 11)
  • American jack hammers with ball (22)
  • Squat ball Slams (11)
  • Lunges (22)
  • Breathing Exercise (Dos)

Circuit 2 x1

  • Squat Throws with ball (22)
  • Merkins on ball (11)
  • Merkins Left Hand on ball (11)
  • wiide leg sit-ups with ball (22)
  • Breathing Exercise (Dos)

Warm-Down: 2 touch game (5 minutes) – no tackles

F3 FC Black Jersey “F3B” – (Dos Equis, Scar U, Dick Clark, Risky Business)


F3 FC Multi-Colored Jersey “F3MC” – (Aviator, Brisket, Thunder, Mountie)

A highly talented bunch of F3FC soccer players took to the field early on Wednesday morning for a competitive game of 2-touch soccer. Weather conditions were perfect and after an intensive warm-up followed by some dynamic drills the players were ready to go. The game got off to a flying start with some smart passing from both sides. F3B created the early chances and looked to be on the front foot before Aviator’s persistence was rewarded with a hard-fought goal for F3MC, a goal that Lionel Messi would have been proud off.

F3B bounced back quickly with a fast flowing move that Dick Clarke finished off with a neat first touch finish into the bottom corner.

At 1-1 the game was on a knife edge, until some slick passing resulted in smart finish by Aviator to make it 2-1 F3MC.

F3B pushed hard for the equalizer and came close to scoring on a couple of occasions, unfortunately time was not on their side and the highly entertaining game ended 2-1, a re-match must surely be on the cards!

COT: Adding sport and competition is always a great way to get out and move so big props to Thunder for having a fun VQ. Looking forward to the warmer weather and most opportunities to be outside. Stay safe and keep showing up!

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