Three Thang Thriller

6:30 am Wed, June 2, 2021

Cloudy, 58 degrees, dry. 9 Pax: Aviator, Mountie, ScarU, Thunder, Risky Business, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, Mulligan (Welcome Back!) and Brisket on Q.

June usually means much more predictable temperatures as we get closer to summer and today was no exception. YHC took full advantage of the great weather and successfully made it through 3 thangs in 45 minutes. It was great to see Mulligan back after a hiatus.


Stretch across
Stretch over
Leg hold
Single leg plank stretch
DC Stretches
Tippy Taps x10

CoP (Circle of Pain)

We end with a COT, but during this beatdown we started with a Circle of Pain to wake up and get moving.

BOYOs (Burpees OYO) x12
Lunges x20
Merkins x20
Flutters x20
Monkey Humpers x20

If it’s hump day, Monkey Humpers are totally appropriate. No pictures of course.

Thang 1 – Coupon Relays to Green Helmet

All PAX plank in circle at parking lot
1 PAX carries coupon 10 paces and planks in place
Next PAX picks up coupon and repeats until all PAX carry coupon

Thang 2 – Farmer Carry

1 PAX farmer carries coupon up Green Helmet while remaining PAX perform carrying PAX’s exercise of choice. PAX were extremely resourceful and enjoyed the opportunity to get revenge on prior PAX. Exercises included Squats, Running Windmills and the Worst Merkin in the World, among others.

PAX took turns carrying coupon back to flag

Mosey to Route 66

Descending Dips at every other tree

Mosey to main baseball diamond.

Thang 3 – Quarter Pounder

Mountie made sure we stayed off of the perfectly manicured sand.

Run to 1st base 
Merkins x25
Back to Home

Run to 2nd base 
Squats x50
Back to Home

Run to 3rd base 
LBCs x75
Back to Home

Run to Home base 
SSH x100


Grateful for the opportunity to lead this group of HIMs

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