AO: The Rising

AO: backblasts
Q: Erik Cabral (Styx) , Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Sunny The Machine Sehgal, W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Deep Thapliyal (Mulligan)
PAX: Sunny The Machine Sehgal, Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Dick Clark, Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Erik Cabral (Styx), Wayne Frost (Takedown), Edgar Moran (Grasshopper), Flatbush (Malik Cobb), Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), Deep Thapliyal (Mulligan), Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Jack Turkel (Sureshot)
FNGs: 1 Jack Turkel (Sureshot)
1) Toe-touches 2) Left-ham stretch/right 3) Standing one leg Quad stretches 4) Overhead stretch to tricep stretch 5) Bicep stretches 6) Downward dog to calf stretches 7) D in D 8) Right/left leg lung “Good Mornings!”
BuyIn: Together In-cadence 14 SSH
4 Rounds:
F – Flying Squirrels (026 Reps)
A – American Hammers (026 Reps HW)
L – Lunges (026 Reps EW)
C – Curls (026 Reps) – no coupon, no problem! Crunches!
O – One Lap (400m recommended)
N – No Cheat Merkins (026 Reps)
BuyOut: Together In-cadence 14 SSH

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (see announcements)
COT: Thank God aka “SkyQ” for this blessed morning.
• As we dedicate today’s workout to our fallen brother Jason Richards aka “The Falcon” who is soaring with you in heaven.
• Pray for his family, wife and 4 children – may they find peace and meaning behind their loss in time
• We didn’t know you Jason but we know you in spirit and love and will carry your memory with us forever.
• God we pray for your help and guidance in our lives
• Please work to remove what isn’t yours from our hearts and replace it with what is yours
• Please guide us each and everyday to make us stronger, physically, mentally, and spiritually
• So that we can lead as powerful men within our:
• Families
• Friends
• Jobs
• Churches, Temples, and Synagogues
• and our Communities

Hand-sandwich chant “F3!!!”

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