Pounding Sand and Dodging Goose Nuggets

Written by Brisket for the Workout on 3/9/22 AO: The Rising (WWCP) 8 PAX: Babe Ruth, Photo Finish, Mountie, WallE, Dos Equis, Aviator, Dick Clark, and Brisket, Q. Conditions: Overcast with temps in high 30s WARMUP Motivators x 10DickClark Stretches Mosey to road Route 66Merkins DescendingSkip every other tree Turnpike: Mosey back to Baseball Diamond THANGContinue reading “Pounding Sand and Dodging Goose Nuggets”

| 01/10/2022 | Winter Games

PAX: Mulligan, ScarU, Morpheus, PhotoFinish, SideOut, Thunder, DickClark, RiskyBusiness, Aviator, Brisket (Q) SCENE: 30 F with enough wind to make it feel colder (See Pic). Slightly cloudy. WARMUP SSH x 25Mountie Climbers x25Arm circles x10Circle Arms x10 Stretch upStretch forward, arch backFingers under toes, straight leg stretchHip SpreadersRunner’s Stretch each leg Mosey to “Brisket’s Curve”Continue reading “| 01/10/2022 | Winter Games”

The NJ TurnPike Tour

December 1, 2021 Conditions: Clear Skies, 36 degrees: Location: Community Park, West Windsor 8 PAX: Aviator, Scar U, WallE, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, Brisket, Vintage, Mountie WARMUP Stretch arms upStretch arms out in frontTouch ground and stretch calvesSquat down and spread hipsRunners stretchLeg hold each side SSH x 25Mountie Climbers x 20Imperial Walker x 20Continue reading “The NJ TurnPike Tour”

We Don’t Die, We Multiply!

10/19/2021 PAX: Dos, WallE, Soul, DickClark, Aviator, Mountie, Vintage (FNG! Welcome), Scar, Brisket (Q) Warmup Stretch acrossStretch overMichael PhelpsLeg holdPlank to each legTippy Taps to Back hurts ZigZag Mosey to top deck corner Thang – We don’t die, we multiply! 1×1=12×2=43×3=94×4=165×5=25 5 rounds of each of the following where the reps equal the the answerContinue reading “We Don’t Die, We Multiply!”

Build-A-Date + 42 Factors

Scene: Beautiful low humidity weather in the low 70s PAX: DosEquis, WallE, DickClark, Thunder (Not Pictured), I am Groot, Mountie, Scar U, Risky Business, Brisket and Aviator. Warmup Stretch acrossStretch overCircle Arms x10Arm Circles x10Leg holdPlank to each legToe Hold to hip spreaderTippy Taps Mosey to Top of Green Helmet CoP If we end withContinue reading “Build-A-Date + 42 Factors”

Animal House

7/12/2021 0630 hrs, 9 Pax, 75 degrees and humid Attendance:  Brisket(Q), Mountie, Risky Business, Photo Finish, Aviator, Wingman, Thunder, QuickChange, ScarU Welcome and Disclaimer Warm-Up-Walk Stretch arm acrossStretch over elbow grabCircle ArmsArm CirclesDC StretchesPlank to each leg (Runner Stretch)Tippy Taps x10 Mosey to Upper Parking Lot CoP – Circle of Pain Burpees OYO (BOYOs) x10LungesContinue reading “Animal House”