The Long Trail

A Celebration Workout

in honor of the Launch this day of F3 Upper Valley in Fairlee, Vermont,

the first F3 Workout in Vermont

63 degrees, 15 pax: WallE, Brisket, Ribs, Cruiser, Bollywood, RedCoat, ScarU, Mountie, Mulligan, Dick Clark, Black Hole, Aviator, Photo Finish, Slapshot of F3 Rock Hill SC, and Dos Equis, Q

Warm Up (at middle of soccer pitch, 22x)

Arm Circles

Circle Arms

Shoulder Stretch, each side

Arms over Head Stretch

Tippy Taps

Imperial Walkers

Side Straddle Hops (aka Side Straddle Hopkins as an honor to Brisket and Ribs.)

Mosey to entry road…

Vermont Fact: The 273 mile Long Trail is one of America’s first long distance trails (1930).  It goes from north of Williamstown, MA, at the State line to the USA-Canada border.  100 miles of the trail coincide with the Appalachian Trail.

The Long Trail/Route 66: Merkins, 11 to 1, every other tree.  Appreciation to Slapshot Mulligan and WallE for picking up the Six.

Mosey to hill at soccer pitch.

Mountie:  This would hardly be called a hill in Vermont.

Dos:  What do you expect?  We’re flatlanders.

Sequence: Exercise at base of hill / Ascend hill / Exercise at top of hill

At gentle slope hill:

Squats / Bear Crawl / LBCs

Vermont Fact: Vermont’s name comes from the French phrase “vert mont”, meaning “green mountain.”

Bobby Hurley / Straddle – Left foot lead / Flutter

Vermont Fact: Vermont became the 14th state on 1791; it was the first admitted after the thirteen colonies.

Michael Phelps / Straddle – Right Foot lead / Hello WallE (aka Hello Dolly)

Vermont Fact:  Before statehood, Vermont was its own country,  Founded in 1777, The Vermont Republic operated a post office, issued its own currency called Vermont coppers, and abolished slavery.

At steeper slope hill:

Seal Jacks / Bear Crawl / Mountie Climbers (aka Mountain Climbers)

Vermont Fact:  Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the USA, producing over 500,000 gallons a year.

American Hammer / Lunges / Dying Cockroach

Vermont Fact:  Regarding maple syrup, It takes 40 years for a sugar maple to grow large enough – at least 10 inches in diameter – to tap.  Then it takes 40 gallons of sap to produce a single gallon of syrup.

Plank jacks / Karaoke / Rosalitas

Vermont Fact: Vermont is America’s No. 1 producer of marble and the No. 2 producer  of talc.  They are the state’s official rock and mineral, respectively.

Mosey up hill to parking lot.

11’s: Big Boi Sit-Ups, Copperhead Squat

Vermont Fact: Vermont has one cow for every 3.8 people, which is still the nation’s highest ratio of cows to people.

Mosey to middle of soccer pitch.









Our best wishes to F3 Lonewolf for the launch of F3 Upper Valley.

We are here for you.

– From your brothers in New Jersey @F3Princeton.

Honored to Lead,

Dos Equis

Fairlee, Vermont

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