Super Bowl Q

The Saturday, 2/12/22 Workout, written by Cruiser, Q.

AO: The Rising, Clear skies, 54 degrees, 33 PAX, with 2 FNG: Risky Business, Dos Equis, Turbo, Heavy Metal, Thunder, T-Dubs, Rodin, Cipher, Citron, Knight2F3, FNG: Zonda, FNG: Automatic, ScarU, Casbah, The Bishop, Tanker, Towpath, WallE, Brisket, Black Hole, Side Out, Photo Finish, Cruiser, Dick Clark, Whistleblower, Plumb Bob, Morpheus, Shredder, Red Coat, Munchies, Babe Ruth, Aviator and Wingman.

The Warm Up: 5 minutes full body stretch by Dick Clark

The Thang: (Super Bowl theme workout – 2 persons per Team)
50 Burpees (To warm up and start the game)
100 Imperial Squat Walkers
150 Merkins of your choice
200 E2K Crunches
250 Mountain Climbers
300 Curls with Coupon of your choice
350 Plank + Spiderman K2E
400 American Hammers
450 Lunges
500 Apollo OH-NOS to Touchdown ! (To finish the game)


Name-o-Rama: 2 FNG’s Zonda and Automatic

Launch of F3 Essex on March 5th, 2022 (Reminder)
F3Capital overnight rucking challenge on Feb 19th – Registration is open on
Closeout: by Dick Clark,

Thanks for the opportunity to workout in good health and good weather.

Coffeteria pours out onto the street
“We are pumped for the launch of F3 Essex on Saturday, March 5th, 2022!”

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