F3 Day Away

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Friday, March 6, 2020

7:00 am  –  F3Philly Workout, Race Street and North Juniper Street
8:00 am – Coffeteria/Breakfast at Reading Terminal MarketAfter that, change clothes for…
10:00 am – The Philadelphia Flower Show, Pennsylvania Convention Center
12 noon ish – Break. Continue to see the Flower Show, or 2ndF lunch/Pub Stop. My suggestion: Prohibition Taproom, 501 North 13th Street


– Our guide for the Flower Show will be Eagle of F3Lanco, a landscape architect. We may be joined by other F3 Brothers with botanical or landscape knowledge.
– The theme for the Flower Show is “Riviera Holiday”, the splendors of the Mediterranean.
– CSPAN will be the organizer for the morning workout.           
-The Flower Show should be a “bucket list” item for you.  The landscape and floral creations displayed are amazing and awesome.         
– Besides, it’s a good excuse not to work that day and hang out with your F3 Brothers.
– Make a Philadelphia weekend out of it.  Saturday workouts are at Philadelphia, Phoenixville (F3Valley Forge), Mount Joy (F3 Lanco), PA; Wilmington, DE; and Princeton, NJ.  If there is enough interest, a Saturday 2nd F can be planned as well.
– “I’ll get in trouble if I don’t bring my M to this.” Yes, bring your M, but allow the time on Friday morning to be with your F3 Brothers.
-Parking:  I suggest the nearby parking garage. Gateway Parking Garage, 1540 Vine Street. Entrances are on Spring Street and 16th Street.
–  Questions: Direct Message @F3DosEquis   = or =  F3Princeton@F3Nation.com

The Philadelphia Flower Show    –   theflowershow.com

You might want to purchase tickets in advance. Visit Philadelphia   –  visitphilly.com
ACTION: Let Dos Equis know if you can come to this.

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