F3 Game Night (at 6am)

How about 12 tomorrow for 12 degrees?

Risky Business

QIC: Mountie

Date: 02/15/2020

PAX: Steam, Wallee, Brisket, Red Stripe, Black Hole, Cruiser, Scar (welcome back), Risky Business, Dos Equis (welcome back too)

On the morning after Valentines day, 10 jolly fellows met in West Windsor Community park for fun times in 12 degree weather. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t windy, so it wasn’t terrible. To keep us entertained in the middle of February, F3Princeton had a little game night at 6am. I looked like a gym teacher rolling up with cones, hula hoops and a basketball but everyone was in high spirits and ready to go.


Some Tippy Taps and stretches and we were almost ready.

Motivators – starting at 10, this is pretty new exercise for F3Princeton so it still took until about 7 before we found our groove but this one gets the limbs warmed up quick. Shout out to Wallee for showing us this one.

The Thang

Game 1 – Tic Tac Dos

Set up a make shift tic tac toe board in the parking lot with some hula hoops and split into two teams. One player per team mosey’s around the parking lot and takes a square. Team 1 is Imperial Walkers, Team 2 is Squats. Round 1 was a stalemate (HAL would be proud), Round 2 was over in 4 moves, that’s not suppose to happen but it did. The board was pretty small but it was pretty crazy trying to figure out the next move. This could be improved on for next time.

Game 2- Burpee ball

Mosey over to the Heart Chargers court, some call this Tennis and we started the second game, Burpee ball. The simple version of the rules, two teams on a tennis court take turns throwing a basketball at each other. Each time you throw the ball, your team must do a burpee before the other team can catch the ball and throw it back. No scoring system or any other details necessary, just a bunch of burpees and a basketball. Everybody won.

Game 3- Battleship

Mosey back to the flag but first we stopped for some Picdips at the Picnic tables, tree sits and irkens. Then a quick frogger run (trying to jump from parking lot line to line) before we finished the mosey where we started for our second round of F3Princeton Battleship.

This time, we had enough players for 2 teams and each team marked their ships on their paper. Last time we did this, it was everyone vs. the board master (Mountie knew where the ships were and we tracked the shots). This time, we setup one board but had two teams taking shots. Regardless, like most other good times, we just kept taking shots until the nonsense made sense. Burpees for hits and the exercise of choice for the round for misses. We only lasted a few rounds, merkins, squats, carolina dry docks before we ran out of time and had to call the game. Team B’s first hit was the last of the game and we ended the session with everyone getting in their boat canoes for safety.

With some better rules and planning, I think round 3 of battleship will be fun game and a solid but kicking workout too.


We showed up, we kept moving and we had a little fun. With some modifications and planning we can continue to improve (talking about battleship and life at the same time). Glad to be out there with you gents!

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