F3 Mad Lib

The Arise
Nov. 16, 2020
8 Paxs- Dos, Foto Finish, Dick Clark, Wall-E, Checkmate, Brisket, Scar-U, Mountie(Q).

It was a _____indescribable______ [ adjective] November morning at the ____basketball court__ [ favorite Q location]. ____Risky Business____ [ Q member] was the Q and was ready to deliver a __crazy_____ [ adjective] 

___running_______ [ verb] to the PAX.

The theme for today is ___stripped____________ [ adjective]____green______ [ color]____baskets_______ [ plural noun].

But first we _____merkin’ing_________ [verb], warm-up and stretch…

Warm-up & Stretch-

_____arms_______ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____core________ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____thighs______ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____toes________ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____ears________ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____kidney______ [ BodyPart] for 10 count

_____Agitators __[ f3 cardio activity] to warm-up

next up,  The Thang-

Round 1

Mosey to the _____Green Helmet________ [ 1st Arise location]

11 x ______NYC______ [ Place] +__anti- Sheep___ [ Farm Animal]+ ___tap dancers_ [ dance move]

14 x ______burpees________ [ F3 exercise]

20 x ______lounge acts_____ [ F3 exercise]

Repeat twice

Round 2

Mosey to the ______tennis courts__________ [ 2nd Arise location]

__3_____ [ earliest birthdate] x__carolina dry docks_____ [ favorite F3 upper-body exercise]

__28_____ [ latest birthdate] x___plank_______________ [ favorite F3 core exercise]

__14____ [ closest birthdate] x___lunges__________________ [ favorite F3 leg exercise]

Repeat thrice.

Round 3

Mosey to the ___Colosseum____________ [ 3rd Arise location]

AMRAP x_____dips________________ [ favorite F3 upper-body exercise]

AMRAP x_____lbcs_____________ [ favorite F3 core exercise]

AMRAP x_____step-ups_____________ [ favorite F3 leg exercise]

while the pace car does __SSHs________ [ favorite moving exercise] and sings __Thriller_______________ [ famous song].

Repeat 4x

Return to the flag by _COT__ [ f3 activity ]  _____3_____[ number < 5] times, every ____15________ [ number between 10 and 20] while we   ______grapevine_______ [ moving exercise]   (?)

I hope you’re ______tired___________ [ feeling] while doing the ___cold_______ [ adjective] _____red______ [ color]____places________ [ plural noun].

Play offense, trust the process (wear a mask)!

MoM and COT to close.

Stretching – arms, back, forearmsBoat-Canoes with a little kayaking.
‘Key to success is to keep showing up.’

Thank you my F3 brothers for always showing up.


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