Wednesday’s Quest for Heat

PAX: Scar, Exterminator, PhotoFinish, Checkmate, Mountie, DosEquis, DickClark
Q: Brisket

It was a beautiful crisp 27 degrees, but probably felt more like 12 due to the wind. This called for a quick warmup of the PAX with a slightly more intense warmup than usual.


Mountain Climbers x25
Mosey to upper lot
Oz Snow Angels x25
Mosey around lot
SSH x25
Mosey around lot
Imperial Walkers x25
Mosey down trail towards tennis courts
Jump Squats x15


Mosey to Tennis courts

Partner Dora 123 with a mosey across tennis court in-between exercises.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs

Winners plank while the rest of us finish up.

Mosey to Coliseum

Irkins x10  
Steps Ups x 25
Dirkins x10  
Box Jumps x20
Dips x25

Mosey to Upper Parking Lot

Paula Abduls
Lunge Forward
American Hammersx10
Broad jump back

Mosey back to the flag


We’ve been enjoying the tall shadows being cast as the sun rises.

Long Dos!

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