12 Ladders of Christmas

Decent 40F weather for December with cloudy skies before a rainy day. Seeing as we were a little closer than 12 days before Christmas, it was way past time to get a 12 days of Christmas themed workout in.

PAX: DickClark, PhotoFinish, WallE, Mountie, Dos, Brisket (Q)

Step forward stretch
Arm across stretch
Arm over stretch
Leg hold
Tippy Taps

Medium length Mosey around lower and upper parking lots

Thang – 12 Ladders of Christmas

Follow the list of exercises until. Do 2 Burpees, reveal the next exercise and start again. All while attempting to remember how the song goes.

12x Sumo Squats
11x LBCs
10x Lunges
9x Dips

Mosey around upper parking lot

8x Side Straddle Hopkins
7x Merkins
16x Jingle Bells (Monkey Humbers)

Mosey around lot first time

5x Burpees
14x Mountain Climbers

The PAX were fast, but the clock was faster and we were almost out of time. Time to reveal the remaining exercises for one more power round.

30x AH
20x BBSU
1x Plank 1 minute

… and 2 Burpees


Just like the 12 Ladders of Christmas workout, the holiday season can be challenging. Encouraged the PAX to stay strong during this time and be there for friends, family and each other.

Keep Showing Up!

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