Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman Workout

Date: 12.16.2020

PAX: Black Hole (Q), Scar, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Red Card, Dick Clark, and Mountie

AO: The Rising

Conditions: 24 degrees F (17 degree windchill!) Pre-Gail winter storm

Today’s workout is the one YHC did OYO when zoomers couldn’t connect on Mon, Dec 7. My favorite AO to join zoom WOs from is the local elementary school, whose mascot is the alligator. With the winter solstice around the corner, I looked up the name of the shortest alligator. At 4.6 feet long, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman is the shortest alligator!

Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, the smallest crocodilian. <Learn more>

Eight hearty men came out in the brisk morning air to get stronger. After the disclaimer, YHC vowed to keep the PAX warm.


  • Grasspickers ICx10
  • Windmills ICx10
  • Motivators IC
  • Mosey to the skatepark, plank jacks for the 6.


  • 11’s – Burpees and (2-count) LBC’s
Burpees in the skatepark

Several reps of Smurf jacks, Imperial Squat Walkers, and Imperial Stormkickers made cameo appearances waiting for the 6. Mosey to the basketball court since that’s where YHC worked out at the school’s blacktop.

First half: focus on abs. At each corner, 20 reps of each exercise below, with a jog between each corner.

  • American Hammer (both sides = 1 rep)
  • Big Boi Sit-ups
  • Freddy Mercury’s (both legs = 1 rep)
  • Leg lifts

Second half: focus on arms. At each corner, 20 reps of each exercise below, with a crab walk facing the same direction (forward, left, backward, right) connecting each corner.

Crab walk at the basketball court
  • Shoulder taps (both sides = 1 rep)
  • Chuck Norris merkins
  • Hand-release merkins
  • Dancing crab (both legs = 1 rep)

Briefly, YHC got Dying Cockroach confused with the Dancing Crab! Mosey back to the flag.

Strava trace: 1.22 miles

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.

COT: Words of Wisdom

With the shortest days and longest nights coming, seasonal depression (aka seasonal affective disorder) is a concern for many people. Keep quote above in mind and keep optimism high. Keep showing up! After the WO, XX shared a similar thought but from the more well known Gandhi.

L to R: Red Card, Scar, XX, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Mountie, YHC, and Brisket.


YHC, Black Hole

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