Festival of Lights

Where: The Rising, West Windsor Community Park
Who: 17 Pax attended!! Dos Equis, ScarU (Q), Scar2K, Cruiser, FNG The UX, PhotoFinish, Trail Blazer, Red Coat, Dick Clark, Mountie, Trooper, Black Hole, Milky Way, RedCard, Brisket and Brewster and Wall-E in the zoom.

(Written by ScarU)
Hanukkah- is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is also known as the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days. The festival is observed by lighting the candles of a candelabrum with nine branches, called a menorah (or hanukkiah). One branch is typically placed above or below the others and its candle is used to light the other eight candles. Other Hanukkah festivities include playing the game of dreidel and eating oil-based foods, such as latkes

“Hanukkah always coincides with the Winter Solstice,” Rabbi Jessica Minnen tells Woman’s Day. “It symbolizes the creation of light in the darkest times, which will be especially true this year. Jewish holidays are all connected to the earth and the cycle of seasons. It is intentional that a holiday about creating light happens during the darkest week of the year.”

The Thang-

Station 1  Warm up

Arm Circles 
Seal Taps
Tippy Taps
Slow squats  
Hip Hinges 

Station 2 – Tabata 24 seconds on 8 seconds off – 16 rounds

Mosey to the Colosseum

Step ups
Flying Squirrel
Side Straddle Hopkins
Breathing exercise for 8

Station 3:  Mosey around parking lot x 8

Station 4:  Dreidel spinning Finale

Youngest Pax spins (Scar2K), One Youngest (Trooper) pax picks card 

All pax follow the rules below-

A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides, each inscribed with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 

  • If נ‎ (nun) is facing up, (real dreidel rules: the player does nothing)-  F3 Version:  NO EXERCISES performed 
  • If ג‎ (gimel) is facing up, (real dreidel rules: the player gets everything in the pot) F3 version:  24 reps of the selected exercise  
  • If ה‎ (hei) is facing up, (real dreidel rules- the player gets half of the pieces in the pot- If there are an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half the pot rounded up to the nearest whole number) F3 Version:   12 reps of the selected exercise 
  • If ש‎ (shin) or פ‎ (pe) is facing up, (real dreidel rules) the player adds one of their game pieces to the pot (sometimes accompanied by the chant “shin, shin, put one in”[19]). In some game versions a shin results in adding three game pieces to the pot, one for each stem of the letter shin (ש‎).  F3 Version:  24 reps +  Burpee 

End with COT- everyone takes turns speaking about gratitude in their life.

Welcome FNG “The UX” (Scott Sussman) 

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