Just Another Merkin Monday

34 Degrees,  7 pax:  Mulligan, Brisket, Dick Clark, Mountie, WallE, Photo Finish, and Dos Equis, Q

Warm Ups:  Arm circles, Circle arms, Hillbillies, Shoulder stretch, V-reach, Lounge Act. (XX count each, of course)

Mosey round the parking lot.

At the pavilion, the Thang:

“Stand By Your Man”: in pairs, alternating roles in cadence: One pax does merkins and the other does squats – 50 count.

Mosey round the parking lot.

One more time: Santa Bomb.  Thanks, Hops!  In pairs, one pax on a mosey round the parking lot, while the pax at the pavilion did the exercise.  Total accumulated reps by the pair of pax.  We started with Overhead claps, and continued through the end, repeating the ones at the top.

We ended the session with Boat/canoe.

Countarama, Namearama, Announcearama

COT with check-in on how the men are holding up (approaching Month 10 of Bizzaro World)

#Honored to lead,


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