Who: 18 PAX- RedCoat, DosEquis, MilkyWay, Mountie, Trooper, Hacksaw, Cruiser, Scar2k, Scar, Mulligan, Ribs, Brisket, Lafayette, Aviator, Pharmer, DickClark, BlackHole, WallE (Q) 

What: Stealing an idea from a Jules Q at Wilmington’s mindfulness + beatdown, Thursday, zoom workout, I decided to add a dimension of meaning to our exercises.  I tried to capture some of the feelings I have heard shared at COTs over the year of social distancing, masks and zoom. 

WarmUp: Tippy Taps, WindMills, Slow Squats (3 countdown, 3 count up), Run-in-place.

Thang 1: 11s with a 3-count punctuating exercise.
1) BonnieBlair and LBC (with 3 Burpees every round)BonnieBlair – for the sense of being stuck in place.LBC – For the little things we have been missing with masks – a stranger’s smile, a friend’s touch.
2) V-ups and StarJumps (with 3 Merkins every round)If you want to reach for something – you have to prepare yourself.  Lying on your back and extending for someone to hand it to you (V-Ups) won’t get it done.  You have to get up, leap and stretch your grasp (StarJumps).
3) Crocodile Stagger Merkins and Bobby Hurleys (with 3 squats every round) Things don’t come easy and especially without hardwork (Crocodile Stagger Merkins) and even then you should keep your focus on your form and effort (Bobby Hurleys) rather than the prize (the baskets that you cannot see anyway!)
4) Merkins and BigBoy Sit Ups The Merkins signified promises made.The Situps signified promises kept.

Thang 2: Tried something new – AO Dora.- Broke the PAX into 2 groups. 1 group started by running a lap around the parking lot.  Each PAX of the other group was assigned 100 reps of an exercise (Merkins, BBSitups, LBC, Squats, LBC, Forward Lunge, Backward Lunge, Dips, Burpees).  – A PAX returning from the run would relieve any exercising PAX and take over his exercise and rep count.  The relieved PAX would leave for a run.  – The idea was that regardless if your load was heavy or light – a brother would relieve you and all the assigned work would get done.- Things went as well as can be expected for 18 guys running a group routine for the first time! most exercises continued for many more than 100 reps (till 100 Burpees were completed).  – Future iterations will improve if this one is picked up by a rotating Q.

Cool Down
1) ShinBox stretches (YHC got these from Prince @ Pittsburgh)
2) Tag team of Mountie and Scar ended with a Xs – Os and Boat – Canoes Medley (melee!)

We ended with a COT.  

As the snow is disappearing so will these difficult times.  Let’s keep our social discipline for just a while longer (yes it gets harder once the end is in sight).  Reach out and check-in on each other and on PAX we may not have seen recently. 

Keep showing up.


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