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PAX – Mountie (Q), Cruiser, Risky Business, Aviator, Brisket and Thunder

Summer Road trip!!
For 6 PAX (Mountie (Q), Cruiser, Risky Business, Aviator, Brisket and Thunder), we spiced up our regular scheduled programing of a Wednesday beatdown with a quick trip to Mercer County Park so we can explore another fantastic park/resource near F3Princeton. Plus, it’s 7/7/21, so the reps will be easy to figure out.. let’s go..

Just incase a PAX road trip wasn’t enough, F3 Cruiser is planning a family trip to see family in California and a multi-week trip across the USA (I’m jealous, definitely on my bucket list). Leaving at the end of this week, this is his last F3Princeton session for a while, so we wanted to celebrate his awesome trip and remember one of the best arcade racing games… Cruiser USA!

Warm Up:

Arm Circles x 21

Vertical Circle Arms x 21

Stretching, shoulders, arms, back, legs and some Dick (Clark) stretches and we are good to go.

Mosey to the starting line..

The Thang:

Thang 1 – We start at the playground (and spray ground) to 7 exercises in 7 minutes, 21 each of Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry docks, LBCs, Flutters, Planks and D in the Dirt aka Cobras.

CHECK POINT! We finish just in time to mosey to the next leg of the trip.

Thang 2 – Mosey to the 9/11 memorial for the next set of 7

Irkins, Dips, Step ups, Mountie climbers, Peter Parkers, Knee to Elbow Twists and Froggy crunches and CHECK POINT.. we are rollin’ now, time for a long mosey.

Thang 3- MCP has a great outdoor gym area so for the next check point, we paired up and rotated through 3 different exercises.

Hanging leg raises
Pull-ups with help from the bands
Fence jumpers (not sure what these are called but this sounds good).

Just enough time to mosey back to the Marina for Boat Canoes, COT, Namerama (and the finish line)!

Nice work to the PAX, Cruiser have a great trip and we’ll be back soon Mercer County Park

Check out the Strava map, 1.5 miles was a good race

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