Olympic Challenge..

Olympic Challenge  

Date: 08/02/2021, 

Conditions: clear skies, 70 degrees

Location: Community Park, West Windsor

8 PAX: Aviator, Wing-man (in a cool F3 shirt), Scar U, Wall-E, FNG – Soul, Risky Business, Mountie, Thunder (Q)

Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye

The challenge consisted of 29 exercises (the number of modern-day Olympics held to date), primarily broken down into buckets of 3 completed in 125 seconds (1 second for every year since the beginning of the modern-day Olympics in 1896).

Olympic History: The first modern day Olympics occurred in Athens in 1896 and comprised of 280 athletes from 12 countries competing in 43 events. The Tokyo Olympics had over 11,000 athletes from 205 countries competing in 33 different sports! 

The first US city to host an Olympics was St. Louis in 1904. London has hosted 3 Olympic games more than any other city, with Paris, LA, Tokyo, Athens hosting 2. Michael Phelps has won the most Olympic medals, with 28 (23 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) more than most countries!

Stretch: Arm circle/circle arms, elbow above head, groin & hamstring stretch, tippy toes

  • Challenge 1: Round 1 – 55 seconds, Round 2 – 40 seconds, Round 3 – 30 seconds 
    • Wall squat, Plank, Running Squats
    • Mosey
  • Challenge 2: Round 1 – 55 seconds, Round 2 – 40 seconds, Round 3 – 30 seconds
    • Shoulder Taps, US Hammers, Merkin’s (Reg, wide, narrow)
    • Mosey
  • Challenge 3: Round 1 – 55 seconds, Round 2 – 40 seconds, Round 3 – 30 seconds
    • Deep Squats, Big Boy sit-up, dips
    • Mosey
  • Flutters and Boat Canoes

COT: The group recognized the challenges faced by all of the Olympic athletes this year (and many more) in competing in empty stadiums but still delivering exceptional performances and keeping us all entertained over the last couple of weeks.  


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