Sand ‘N Stix!

AO: ao-the-oak
Q: Erik Cabral (Styx)
PAX: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion K, Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Flatbush (Malik Cobb)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Full body stretches
Build the Damn!
– Pass the bag to the next guy
– Last guy runs the front
– Continue until at destination (top of hill)
– Can’t move until bag is passed
DISTANCE: select a point to begin/end and back

Burpee Baggage (aka Circle Burp)
SETS: 4 (use Tabata timer)
TIME: 40 seconds / 20 second rest/hold
– everyone in a line (or circle)
– All do burpees in sequence
– One does it with the bag the. Passes it down

A Bridge Too Far (lateral pull)
– All In position Plank
– Bag(s) passed down/up chain
– Modify – add spider kicks OR merkin
DISTANCE: select a point to begin/end and back

Plank tunnel
– In position everyone holds a plank
– Drag/pull/push bag through tunnel
– Last guy in line must run to the front grab sandbag and enter tunnel again
– Everyone has to go through twice
DISTANCE: select a point to begin/end and back

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (see announcements channel)
COT: Thank “SkyQ” for the camaraderie, friendship, and brotherhood to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. We focus on F3 principles to stay healthy for ourselves, our families, our coworkers/employees/teams, and communities.

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