Inauguration Day

The PAX arrived early for a dark, slightly snowy inauguration themed workout with temperatures in the low 30s. PAX: Scar, RedCard, DickClark, PhotoFinish, Mulligan, Mountie, DosEquis with Brisket on Q. Warmup Arm across stretchArm over stretchHip SpreadersDownDog Heel PlantPlank Lunge StretchTippy Taps x10IWs x10 Mosey Tennis CourtRiskys (Heart Chargers) x2 Temporary rename in honor ofContinue reading “Inauguration Day”

12 Ladders of Christmas

Decent 40F weather for December with cloudy skies before a rainy day. Seeing as we were a little closer than 12 days before Christmas, it was way past time to get a 12 days of Christmas themed workout in. PAX: DickClark, PhotoFinish, WallE, Mountie, Dos, Brisket (Q) WarmupStep forward stretchArm across stretchArm over stretchLeg holdTippyContinue reading “12 Ladders of Christmas”

Wednesday’s Quest for Heat

PAX: Scar, Exterminator, PhotoFinish, Checkmate, Mountie, DosEquis, DickClarkQ: Brisket It was a beautiful crisp 27 degrees, but probably felt more like 12 due to the wind. This called for a quick warmup of the PAX with a slightly more intense warmup than usual. Warmup Mountain Climbers x25Mosey to upper lotOz Snow Angels x25Mosey around lotSSHContinue reading “Wednesday’s Quest for Heat”

πŸŽƒ Halloween 2020 πŸŽƒ

PAX: Cruiser, PhotoFinish, Dick Clark, ScarU, DosEquis, Churchill, RedCoat, Trailblazer, Milky Way, Black Hole, WallE Co Q’s: Mountie & Brisket 28 degree scary cold Halloween morning with plenty of ice on the ground. VQ of Mountie+Brisket with a boat canoe load of treats for the PAX. Warmup Pumpkin Pickers (Tippy Taps, except we’re picking upContinue reading “πŸŽƒ Halloween 2020 πŸŽƒ”

9/14 BBQ Stand Up

Q: Brisket PAX: Mountie, Black Hole, DosEquis, Dick Clark, VanDamm, Photo Finish Temp: 67 degrees an clear skies In celebration of YHC’s 1 year Manniversary, the PAX were subjected to several pyramids of pain in-between some terrible BBQ and Grilling related jokes. Including an Iron Pax special. Warmed up and moseyed over to the middleContinue reading “9/14 BBQ Stand Up”