Thank You with BBQ

There is a lot going on in this world today and F3Princeton is aware of how fortunate and grateful we are to have each other. A few months back we were inspired by other F3 brothers who were working out, raising money and helping their communities. We wanted in, but wanted the impact to be felt in our community.

The warm-up- Over the course of one week, the Princeton F3 brothers ran as many miles as we could and donated at least $10 per mile. We put together $1200!

The Thang- We wanted to reach out and show our appreciation for the Frontline Responders at Capital Health. We wanted to give them a special thank you that came us, but also came from our community. The money we collected from our miles of sweat was converted into giftcards and the future promise of fantastic food from Trenton’s local bbq house –

There is always more that can be done, but this was one of the first F3 Princeton ventures out to help our community and help impact others like we know we can.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, F3 Princeton gets together to get better. It was a great feeling also try to help others in our community to make their days a little better too.

Thank you to all the Frontline Responders,
Thank you Capital Health and all your workers,
Thank you 1911 BBQ and
Thank you F3 Princeton, let’s keep showing up!


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