SnackPax: Delicious AND Nutritious

Written by Dick Clark
Light rain, 55 degrees
8 Pax: Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Mountie; WallE and Black Hole via Zoom, and Dick Clark on Q. And welcome to FNG “Six String”

Dick Clark felt a hunger for the old days, so decided to feed it by re-living Iron PAX, in the digestible fun-size he calls SnackPAX. He advertised it as “not only good for you—but it tastes great too”. The rest of the morning was evaluating the truth in advertising of this early-morning first meal.

A soggy fall sunrise broke the Gloom as we started easy:
 Run in place
 Side straddle hop x10
 Stretches
 Arm Circles x10
 Imperial Walkers x10

We turned on the playlist and waxed nostalgic about warmer and sunnier days of September when young (and old) men’s thoughts turned to Iron PAX. This took the form of a bite-sized version of the 2020 Week 0 workout, where pax have 3 helpings of beatdown, each washed down with a lap around the field.

Three Rounds
 40 Air Squats
 30 Big Boi Situps
 20Merkins
 10 Bonnie Blairs
 10 Burpees
 400 Meter Run

We picked up the six, and moseyed to the pullup bars, to cleanse the palate, along with the shoulders and back:
Two rounds
 10 partner assisted pullups – use your assist to get to 20
 20 dips
 [third man assist on pullups]
For dessert, we moseyed back to the pavilion for stretches and cool-down. Eats like a meal!

 120 Air Squats
 90 Big Boi Situps
 60 Merkins
 30 Bonnie Blairs
 30 Burpees
 1200 meter run
 20 partner assisted pullups
 40 dips
 100 side straddle hopkins

Welcome to FNG Six String, who is also Dick Clark’s 2.0, back home for the holidays (with a mask like everyone else for safety).
And for the COT, we remembered that the holidays are weird enough as it is, and hard for many people in “normal” years, let alone now. Remember the needy. Everyone had his fill, and we relived the past – at least back to September. I wonder what’s for dinner?

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