Hot Potato – Exterminator Q2

Written by Exterminator

Where – The Rising AO, 33 degrees 
Pax (7) – Dick Clark, Mountie, Brisket, Dos, Photo finish, Scar U, Exterminator (Q)

In honor of the Tyson vs Jones fight we played hot potato. A jump rope rotated around with each Pax member doing 100 jumps. Rotating through the whole workout! 

Warmup –
Side straddle hops, getting ready 

The Thang 
Quick mosey up Mt Princeton (aka Green Helmet)
Got our groove on with a quick shoulder blast, 20 each (5 count) 
Baby arm circles 
Reverse baby arm circles 
Seal claps 
Chinooks Moroccan night club 
Ciabatta (Shout-out to Exterminators beautiful CoiCoi (pronounced cha-cha)(aunt) Beata in poland!) 20 second exercise by 10 second rest 
Mountie climbers 
Jump squats 
Side straddle hops 
Flutter kicks 
Duck walk down Mt Princeton 
All out sprint!

Mosey over to the pull up bars and some fun presents! 
Circuit 1 minute stations
30lb kettlebell swing 
Weighted jump rope 
Spiced Squats (wouldn’t mind a drink about now) 
Hanging on pullup bar – leg raises 
Flutter kicks 

Next up 
No surrender – 2 rounds – Round 1, 15 painful reps.
Round 2 we enjoyed a slower count. 

Following… Killer Bees! 
25yd bear crawl
Return to start with broad jumps.
Every 5th jump earns you a free burpee! 

Next we got homeschooled using… THE PROTRACTOR Erratically pausing, slowing, and speeding up to the Q call of 0, 45, and 90 degree leg raisers for about 2 minutes. 

Lastly, we played a game of Pump Jack (Variation for Q’s injury) 
Broke into 3 teams, one man performs 5 jump squats while others hold plank position.
Jump squats rotate until unit gives in and quits.
Then lunges around the remaining players until a winner is crowned. Fortunately our Pax was too strong to declare a winner when father time closed out our workout.

Q promises next time there will be a winner! 
Thank you for motivating a new Q. My goal is to challenge you with more accuracy and fun with every workout.

See you next time! – Exterminator

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