RU Keep Choppin’

6 Pax (ScarU (Q), Dick Clark, Mulligan, Dos Equis, Brisket and Mountie) joined in for a Rutgers themed Q.

written by ScarU

Stage I- History of Rutgers

Queens College 1766

 It was renamed Rutgers College in 1825 after Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745–1830), an American Revolutionary War hero, philanthropist, and an early benefactor of the school.[1]

At present, Rutgers is unique as the only university in the United States that is a colonial chartered college (1766), a land-grant institution (1864), and a state university (1945/1956).[2]

17 Side Straddle hops
6  Squats
6  No surrenders

17 Merkins
6  PLank Jacks
6  Lunges 

17 LBCs
6  Freddy Mercurys
6 Hello WallEs

Stage 2-  #52-  Eric LeGrand-

Eric J. LeGrand (born September 4, 1990) is a former American football defensive tackle who played college football at Rutgers. He became paralyzed while making a tackle in an October 2010 game, but has since regained movement in his shoulders and sensation throughout his body. As of 2020, LeGrand has been making constant recovery in the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation.[1] The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him to a symbolic contract as an undrafted free agent in May 2012. In 2017, LeGrand was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as the third recipient of the Warrior Award.  He is a speaker for Reeve Foundation raising millions of dollars,  a popular motivational speaker for schools and companies and now a Coffee Shop Owner, LeGrand coffee.   Personally, he is a friend and an inspiration to keep going when things get tough. 

50 yard dash 
2 burpees

50 yard dash
2 body builders

50 yard dash
2 Plank push ups

50 yard dash 
2 Plank Jacks

Stage 3- Chop Wood

Chop Wood- It started when I was at the University of Miami, yet we never used it,” Schiano said turning a BTN television interview with Dinardo. “Kevin Elko, who has become a really well-known sports psychologist, told a story about a guy who was in the woods, really deep thick woods. All he had was an axe and he could either lay down and die or he could pick out a tree and just start chopping away. If he would focus on one tree at a time, before he knew it, he would be out of the forest.”Schiano took on a massive rebuild at Rutgers in 2001 and started to turn a corner four years later. But there was something a little extra needed to help propel the Scarlet Knights into the postseason for the first time under Schiano.

Rutgers would go on to make a bowl game that season, which was its first since 1979. That continued in all but one season during Schiano’s first tenure at Rutgers as his teams went to bowl games in six out of seven seasons starting in 2005.

Chopping Wood Exercise 

Followed by Axe Swinging

Stage 4-  3 min step test 

94 second metronome- take HR for 60 seconds post exercise.  Need step of 12 inch height. 





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