Red-Headed Unicorn Workout

Who: 8 Pax (Wall-E, Mountie (Q), Red Card, Brisket, Photo Finish (WELCOME BACK!), Mulligan, Dick Clark and Dos Equis
Where: The Rising
What: 8 Pax joined for a unicorn workout that you had to attend to understand. Muscle confusion is one thing, but new exercises were accompanied by a new friend to battle the gloom.

It’s also the birthday of our first president, so we warmed up and covered some facts about the OG (W).
Most of George Washington’s facts came from
but we also found some other lesser known gems like..
– he has no middle name &
– he was a red head!! (save that one for trivia night)

To the Warm-up
– Arm Circles
– Circle arms and
– Arms up in the air circles (for the shoulders)
– also stretch our necks, legs, back and let’s go..

The Thang-
The First workout is called the waterfall, but later updated to broken telephone.
Everyone is in a circle and we start with SSHs. The Q will introduce an exercise and do a 5 or 10 count. When he is done, he starts a new exercise, the man to his left starts with the first exercise. The workouts move through the circle until the Q calls it and finishes with SSH until everyone is caught up.
Mosey across the Delaware (parking lot)

Thang Two-
2/22 requires a few sets of 22 reps from deep in the lexicon.
22 Xs and Os – like boat canoes but tic-tac-toe style.
10 Worst Merkins Ever (wide + reg + diamond = 1)
10 Wolverines
Mosey across the Delaware again

Thang Three-
Rochamburpees (pair up for best of 5 of scissors-paper-rock, winner does a merkin, loser gets a burpee, tie is a squat. Best of 5 and the winner gets to jump rope for the next round)
Steve Irwin merkins- aka Crocodile Merkins
Some Boat-Canoes (with X&Os and Kayaks added in)

Always fun to add new exercises to our rotation and go deep into the exicon.
Special welcome back to Photo Finish who seems to be doing much better and is kinda our F3 Princeton Unicorn. Honored to lead & keep showing up!


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