Boo Boo Beaver Bear Crawl

FNB (friendly new beaver) posted to our WO, suggesting a new exercise

Date: 3/13/2021

AO: The Rising (Community Park, West Windsor)

Conditions: sunny, 32 degrees, felt like 25

17 PAX: Scar, Scar2k, Lafayette, Aviator, Milky Way, Black Hole (Q), WallE, Brisket, Dos Equis, Mountie, Shamwow (of F3 Suncoast on Zoom), Red Coat, Pharmer, The UX, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, and Cruiser

The flag was planted in the middle of the soccer field. Disclaimer. Modify as necessary.


  • Abe Vigodas, 4-ct IC x 20
  • Newton’s Cradle, 4-ct IC x 20
  • Motivators, IC, from 10

Mosey to the bridge.


Since it was the 1 yr anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic on Thursday, today’s thang will spell out “STAY AT HOME.”

  • S – Smurf jacks, OYO x 20

Bear Crawl across Bear Brook Bridge [a beaver was sighted in the water while we crawled].

  • T – Walking Moroccan nightclubs to the mono-pole
  • A – American Hammers, 4-ct IC x 20
  • YYves Poll (walk backwards to the bridge, apparently Yves was a French marathoner who ran backwards!)
  • A – ATMs IC (15 Alternating shoulder taps, 10 Tempo merkins, 10 fast Merkins)

Boo Boo Bear Crawl (one legged, hoping bear crawl, like an injured bear) across Bear Brook Bridge. We also learned that the bridge became very long when one had to hop across it!

  • T – Imperial Squat Walker, 4-ct IC x 20

Normal walk across Bear Brook Bridge to catch our breaths. Zoom kept on dropping out for some reason, so we lost Shamwow.

  • H – High knees to the mono-pole
  • O – Twinkle toes (arms out like you’re hugging a tree), OYO x 20
  • M – Merkin-Lunge walk back to the bridge (equal number of merkins as steps taken, we broke it up into 10 each)
  • E – Elevens with Fluttas and Flying Squirrels, OYO

Cross the bridge by any desired method (crab walk, boo boo bear crawl with the other leg, etc). Mosey back to the flag.

Crossing Bear Brook Bridge by any means necessary (crab walk forward or backwards, but not sideways)


Since it was the day before pi-day (also Einstein’s birthday), we had to squeeze in something with the numbers. WallE came up with the following:

  • 3 Boat-Canoes
  • 1 Star Jump
  • 4 Boat-Canoes
  • 1 Star Jump
  • 5 Boat-Canoes

Closing words

Today is the 1 yr anniversary of the shooting of Breonna Taylor. YHC has been reading some Black Lives Matter books that have been published recently. One of them is Caste: Origins of our Discontents, by: Isabel Wilkerson, a book that connects the black experience in the US to the Hindu caste system and the discrimination of the Untouchables. In it, a passage caught my attention. After Einstein settles in Princeton, he witnesses discrimination of African Americans. A black opera singer Marian Anderson was set to perform at the McCarter Theater. The Nassau Inn refused to rent her a room!! Einstein invited her to stay at his home. Einstein and Anderson remained friends until his death. She continued to stay at his house after hotels accepted African Americans as guests. As a Jew, Einstein empathized with how black people were treated in America. He used his fame to speak out. He co-chaired a committee to end lynchings. He joined NAACP. YHC was surprised to hear this sort of discrimination happened in NJ. I also recently learned that NJ was the last Northern state to abolish slavery.

Strava trace: 1.17 miles

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. COT.

L to R: Mountie, Cruiser, WallE, Brisket, Pharmer, Aviator, Red Coat, Milky Way, Dos Equis, Photo Finish, Lafayette, Dick Clark, Scar, The UX, Black Hole (Q), Scar2k.

13 for coffeteria at Grover’s Mill Coffee Company. At coffeteria, Scar shared that he and his M dressed up as Einstein and Anderson last Halloween after they heard about the story!


YHC, Black Hole

(L to R): Near: Milky Way, Lafayette, Scar2k, The UX, Scar, Black Hole, Brisket, WallE, Dos Equis, Red Coat; Far: Pharmer, Dick Clark, Mountie.
Scar and his M as Einstein and Anderson

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