The Olympics are here!

630am Monday morning, clear ski and ready to go. As you may have noticed, the Olympics are well underway and we’ve been watching a lot of the games so it seems like a workout based on the summer games was necessary.

Who: (10 on a Monday!!) Photo Finish, FNG I am Groot, Mountie(Q), Scar U, Risky Business, Wingman, FNG Red Hot Chili Pepper, Thunder, Brisket and Aviator.

Stretching, archery style, surfing style, track & runner stretch to get ready to start moving. Mosey to the Tennis courts for the first sport.

Thang 1 – Volleyball

Games are to 21 so we will work on our bump, set and volley.

Bump (squat)
Set (squat with hands ups)
Volley/Spike (jump squat)

Thang 2- Swimming

On Sunday night, we saw the US Men’s team win the gold in 4x100m relay, so why not make that the our next thang. Super short mosey to the starting corner of the tennis court.

4x100m relay – This is a Olympic style Dora the Explorer, we partner up and one man runs the width of the two courts while the other works on the 100.

Free style – Merkin

Backstroke – flutters

Butterfly – Wide Merkins

Bird Dogs or Supermans

Basketball 3×3 – we skipped the bobby hurleys to celebrate the 3×3 games but the 3×3 is pretty fun to watch. Check it out if you haven’t seen it..

Thang 3– we moseyed back to the start to close out with MoM

biking (freddy mercury’s) 

rowing (frog crutches)

canoe slalom (boat canoes!)

speed climber (mountain climber)

Namerama, Counterama, and COT to welcome 2 FNGs (on a Monday?)

Thanks for letting me lead, keep showing up!


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