Ides of March + 1

A backblast of the Wednesday 3/16/22 workout by Casbah, Q

AO:  The Rising (WWCP)

8 PAX: Dick Clark, Vintage, Photo Finish, WallE, Soul, Dos Equis, Mountie, and Casbah, Q.

Parking lot:

Dick Clark Stretches


Running in place, front flop to the ground, pop back up x15


Dora the Explorer, paired up (one partner runs, other endures torture, switch):  burpees x40, merkins x50, am hams x60

Parking lot:

Bear crawls + mosey
Crab walk + mosey
Imperial walkers + mosey
Lunges + mosey
Crunches x20
Boat Canoe x20
Apollo Ohnos x20

NameORama, CountORama, Thankful for our health. Pray for Pax to become better men, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers. Help us improve ourselves, build better families, communities, country.

Honored to lead,


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