WWF: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness

Thank you, Wingman (age 8) for your creativity in planning and for your leadership of today’s workout (Saturday, 4/2/22). Backblast written by Aviator.

AO: The Rising (West Windsor Community Park)

20 PAX: WallE, Pharmer, Towpath, Automatic, ScarU, Casbah, Dos Equis, Ishmael, Slapshot, Whistleblower, Cruiser, Black Hole, RedCoat, Risky Business, Aviator, Lafayette, Citron, Dick Clark, Slash (FNG, 2.0 of Risky Business), and Wingman, Conditions: Cold/Windy 38 degrees :cold_face:

Warm Up: Motivators (7), Arm Circles, Circle Arms, Dick Clark Stretches

Thang: Wingman’s Wheel of Fitness. Each PAX (starting with 2.0’s) spun the wheel to decide which exercise the group will perform. See attached pic of the wheel for exercises. They also pick a letter to help solve the 2 phrases. RULES: Buy a Vowel: 10 Burpees / Wrong letter selection: 15 Squat Pulses / Incorrect Answer: 1 min Plank. Attempt to solve each phrase can only be made after 3 spins.

COT followed by Coffee at Grover’s Mill Coffee House.

Thank you all for showing up and supporting Wingman’s Q :heart::heart:

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