The 3rd Anniversary of F3 Princeton

Date: 14 May 2022

AO: The Rising, West Windsor Community Park

48 PAX: Churchill, Riposte (FNG), Plumb Bob, Whistleblower, Fishbowl, Best Boy (FNG), Lafayette, Cipher, Heavy Metal, Ishmael, Shredder, Swish, Dreamcatcher, Citron, Smokey, Spike, ScarU, Pate, Photo Finish, Automatic, Zonda, Red Stripe, Tyson, Tanker, Cruiser, Thunder, WallE, Graf, Black Hole, Milky Way, Dos Equis, Dick Clark, RedCoat, Jigsaw, Trigger, Morpheus, Rodin, Knight 2 F3, Slapshot, SideOut, Trailblazer, RedCard, T-Dubs, Mountie, Brisket, and Seahawk

Qs: WallE (Nant’an) and Rodin (Nant’an, F3 Essex), assisted by Dick Clark (warm up), ScarU (Mary), and Mountie (boat/canoe)

Conditions: 65°, foggy

On a foggy spring day, the Pax of F3 Princeton and all of their brothers in the surrounding regions came together for a great anniversary beatdown at our main AO.  Meanwhile, over 1000 lacrosse players and their families started showing up at the park for a tournament.  But, the real energy was on the soccer pitch with the F3 beatdown.

Warm-up: run in place, high knees, buttkickers, SSH, Dick Clark Stretches

Thang 1: we stayed on the soccer pitch, and Wall-E led the Pyramid of Pain. Up the pyramid:

Round 1 is one each inchworm merkin, imperial walker squat (IWS), and big boi sit-ups.

Round 2 is two each—then up to Round 7.

At the top of the pyramid: 20 forward lunge, 10 Motivators, and 20 backward lunge.

Down the pyramid: from seven each inchworms, IWS, and big boi, down to one.

Thang 2: Rodin and Dick Clark took over, and we moved down to one goal line on the soccer pitch.

The first exercise was bear crawls and Merkins up the pitch, and mosey back down, like this:

Bear crawl 10 yards, do one merkin, mosey to baseline and back to the 10-yard, and do SSH to pick up the six. Then bear crawl from the 10 to the 20-yard line, do 2 Merkins, mosey to baseline and back to 20-yard, and SSH to pick up the six. Continue on, adding one more Merkin at each 10 yard interval. A real Gasser! We bear crawled up the hill, did 20 Merkins, and walked back down for the last exercise: Tunnel of Love: the Pax made two lines facing each other, everyone shoulder to shoulder, then each line got down in the high plank position. At one end of each line, the first man got down in a low crawl position, and crawled through the tunnel of love, all the way to the far end, then got back up in the high plank to extend the tunnel. All the Pax go through in a chain. “Lovely”!

Mary: back to the center of the soccer pitch, ScarU led a round of Abs:

30 Freddy Mercury and flutter

Count-around side-planks

30 LBCs Led by the 2.0’s

… then Mountie finished out with our classic close-out, Boat-Canoes

COT: At the COT we had a glorious and energizing count-o-rama, then welcomed FNGs Best Boy and Riposte. We went around the circle, and everyone shouted out one positive word about the day. Then we joined in a spirit of prayer, recognizing the creator for the higher purpose that gives our lives meaning, brings us together, and makes us stronger for ourselves our families and our communities. Keep showing up!

A grand Coffeteria followed at the Pavilion, and the official hand-off of the shovel flag from Dos Equis, now Nant’an Emeritus, to WallE, Nant’an.    Note:  WallE became Nant’an in October 2021, after Dos Equis stepped down, in order to serve the Northeast Sector of F3 Nation as Weasel Shaker.  This was the first big event to happen since then, so that is why the hand-off happened on this day.

Much gratefulness and thanks to WallE, Rodin, ScarU, Melinda (the M of ScarU), Dick Clark, Trigger, and Mountie, for making this day memorable and special.

It was a delight to have brothers from other regions join us – the stalwart crew of F3 Essex; Pate of F3 Indian Valley;  Spike of F3 Valley Forge, and Trigger, Nant’an of F3 Philly/Villanova/ValleyForge, who served as Q for the Ruck preceding  today’s workout.

The actual 3rd anniversary date is 13 April 2022.  Today was the first clear day on the calendar to celebrate it. Saying it again: Keep Showing Up

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