QIC: Mountie

Date: 03/21/2020

PAX: Risky Baby-Face Business, Red Stripe, Black Hole, ScaRU, Dos Equis, Cruiser,

One of the benefits of F3 workouts (and all workouts for that matter) is that you get into the flow or grove of the work and your mind can wonder and work through whatever it needs to. Last week on Pi day we were working through the F3 deck of death and my mind wandered to other workouts you can do with cards. Then I realized the following Saturday is 3/21, aka blackjack and the workout theme was created.

Warming up the shoulders, arm circles (forward) and circle arms (backwards), tippy taps, leg stretching, back stretching and agitators (motivators) for a 10 count to get us ready to go.


  1. Blackjack aka 21’s – keeping our distance and using every sq foot of our parking lot we did 20 merkins at one end & 1 squat at the other end. Then, 19 merkins & 2 squats, rinse and repeat until 1 final merkin and 20 squats. Completing 210 of each exercise.

When we started this workout, I wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to finish. But, like shaving my beard, anything is possible.

Risky “Baby Face” Business

2. Casino Royal – Blackjack with an F3 twist, each round is an exercise and reps = the winning hand.

Setup -After we practiced counting to 21 we were ready for a little house call BlackJack. With an illegal deck (thanks to my kids), a green felt board and poker chips, we split into 3 teams of 2 and myself (Mountie) as the dealer.
Team 1 – Baby Face Biz and Cruiser, Team 2 – Dos & Blackhole, Team 3 – Red Stripe & ScaR-U
Round 1 – LBCs
Round 2 – SSHs
Round 3 – Dips
Round 4 – There and back again – sprint in any direction for 8 seconds, then sprint back (we looked crazy, but kept our social distance)
Round 5 – Boat Canoes!

Back to the flag where we finished with Hello Dolly’s, Flutter and LBCs to complete the beat down.

This could be our last group workout for a while but a few of our brothers started to figure out plan B for OYOs, nice work Brisket and RedCoat to share some options. Check Twitter for ideas for OYOs.


2 thoughts on “Blackjack!

  1. Risky Baby-Face Business is an acceptable name. I unfortunately by the time we all meet again, the beard will be back!
    Always appreciate the creativity of a Mountie Workout! Always a solid beat down, but the creativity, humor, and brotherhood is what makes this the best group to be apart of!

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