Virtual WO is a Thang

QIC: Mountie

Date: 03/30/2020

PAX: Dos, BlackHole, WallE, ScarU and Flame

Warm-up our shoulders with arm circles (forward) and circle arms (backwards), leg stretching and SSH’s and we are ready to go.

The Thang:
Inspired by a workout I found this weekend from Onnit, we did 1 minute rounds of the following:

x Bonnie Blairs
x breakdancers (from a plank, kick your right leg out to the left, then back to plank, then left leg out to right).
x merkins

Each minute, you do all 3 exercises. Do 2 each the first minute, then build up to 4, 6, 8 and maybe 10 reps per round. And we go for 20 minutes. The goal is to complete the set at just about 30 seconds, if you go over a little then you do 2 less the next round. Most of us were doing 8-10 each round. Flame kept us guessing as he alternated between 8 and 10, that seemed to be a good pace. I started to drip sweat at about the 13th round.


Dips, LBCs, Flutta’s and Boat/Canoes closed out the WO and Zoom even gave us some bonus minutes for the COT and a brief check-in (thanks Zoom).

Flame Boat!
Flame Canoe!

Virtual WO are different, but the same- You definitely have a different experience with the session when its not in person. Counting or waiting for the group to count back is tricky so it’s better to just count aloud or let everyone do it OYO. However, it’s still a workout in the am with your brothers and I’m starting the day off with the beat-down completed. Thanks for joining!

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