Just “B”

Just Be.. Be present, be thoughtful, don’t try to hurry the day or moment.. Just “Be”.

With everything going on in our world it’s hard to stop and appreciate the moments we get with our family, friends and ourselves. This past week, the F3 Nation shared news of one of it’s own, F3Cash and his battle with cancer. I have never met F3Cash but I’m sure we are more similar than different and the news immediately reminded me that our time is finite.

For today session, 7 F3 brothers and I are going to take the time to enjoy each moment of working out at the Rising and “Be” Present. To keep it new and interesting, I raided the exicon and designed the Queue with only new exercises that start with the letter “B”.

Date: 8/15/2020

QIC: Mountie

PAX (8): Mountie (Q), Wall-e, Brisket, Cruiser, Risky Business, Baby-face Photo Finish, Hot Wheels and VanDamme

AO: The Rising

The Thang

I raided the Exicon for all exercises that start with “B” and picked a bunch that seemed like fun..

Disclaimer and Warm-up with
Bay City Scissors
Big Boy Sit-ups

Bay City Scissors and BBS were on our six in the middle of the parking lot, no cushion or yoga mat so we can experience all The Rising’s pebbles and character.

Round 1 (soccer field)
Belching across the pitch (10 steps then 10 merkins on the way there, 10 steps then 10 squats on the return)
I don’t think anyone spotted us, so it was safe to mosey to Green Helmet

The grass was wet (and beautiful)

Round 2 (Green Helmet)
Bear Crawl 1-2-3 – with a partner, 50 merkins, 100 LBCs and 150 Squats while your partner bear crawled up Green Helmet.
Bizarro – Superman’s doppelganger which is a lot like a canoe from boat/canoe. Keeping everything in reverse made for an interesting cadence count.

Round 3 (at the base of Green Helmet)
Big Bang– we each picked out our favorite part of the park to look at as we stood in a reverse COT (facing out). Then we did four rounds of the big bang..
10 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 30 LBCs, 40 Fluttahs. This one was fun and we’ll probably see it again in the future.
Broad Jump Burpees (technically Flying Squirrels)- only a 5 count but this was something I remember from CSPANs opening Q at F3LongIsland. These hurt in the good way.

Round 4 (the Coliseum)
Body Builders– These could be a new favourite too for F3Princeton. I think we did 10 but I was lost in the joy of trying to count out the 8 steps to this workout.
Bolt 45s– These things burn! That’s all I have to say, the lower 15 finished my legs.

Back to the flag for
Biiiicycles (Freddie Mercuries)

and the ramas (count and name) to finish it off.

Thank you F3Princeton for giving me a place to keep showing up. These are complicated times and I’m glad to have somewhere to B.



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