The Calm Before The Storm?

Does this expression “The calm before the storm” have any meaning in the year 2020?

Dos Equis

69 deg, 100% relative humidity, 15 pax total.  11 at the AO: Dos Equis as Q, WallE, Risky Business, Scar, Mountie, Hot Wheels, VanDamme, Dick Clark, Red Stripe, Photo Finish, and FNG Hamilton. 4 on ZOOM: Black Hole, Milky Way, Brisket, and OFD from @F3Grove City.

Warm – Up: Moroccan Night Club, Hillbillies, Shoulder stretch, Arm overhead stretch, V reach, Lounge Act.

Mosey to the baseball field…

The Thang:

Dips at the dugout.

BLIMPS at the baseball field:  Each set of BLIMPS at the outfield/fence line; right field, centerfield, left field, and at home plate

B – Burpees 5x

L – Lunges  10x each leg

I – Imperial Walkers 15x

M- Merkins 20x

P – Plank Jacks 25x

S – Squats 30x

Mosey to Center Circle of soccer pitch…


Dying Cockroach

Pickle Pounders

Bay City Scissors


Boat / Canoe.

If I can do it, so can you.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, Check-In, Close in Prayer

OK, I am venting.  Does this expression “The calm before the storm” have any meaning in the year 2020? Now, there are two tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico heading towards New Orleans, wildfires in California, civil unrest in our nation, the second political convention in two weeks before this year’s presidential elections where we know we will hear inflammatory rhetoric until Election Day, a back-to-school season like none other, and the same with local sports, school sports, and professional sports, and a global pandemic.  What “calm before the storm”?  What calm at all?

Each of us should be asking these questions:  Where do I find my peace?  How do I help others to find peace?  Instead of finding “the calm before the storm”, how can I “be the calm” – for myself, my family, those with whom I work, my friends, my F3 brothers?

Our times together in the early morning gloom are special, and are a calm spot before yet another troubling day in 2020. I don’t take them, or you, my brothers, for granted.

I remain grateful to you, my brothers.

Honored to Lead,

Dos Equis

The Circle of Trust
Black Hole Sun
Strava view

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