9/14 BBQ Stand Up

Q: Brisket

PAX: Mountie, Black Hole, DosEquis, Dick Clark, VanDamm, Photo Finish

Temp: 67 degrees an clear skies

In celebration of YHC’s 1 year Manniversary, the PAX were subjected to several pyramids of pain in-between some terrible BBQ and Grilling related jokes. Including an Iron Pax special.

Warmed up and moseyed over to the middle of Route 66

Why should you never BBQ on your roof?

-> The steaks are too high!

Pyramid of 7 Brisket friendly looow, slooow Squats (49 Total)

Couple guys had a plan to steal my propane tank, but it didn’t work…

-> It blew up in their face!

Moseyed over to the playground to avoid hearing the groans

Planked with hands on the curb and did a sideways bear crawl left and right x4

What did the vegetarians say at the BBQ?

-> We’ve got to stop ‘meating’ like this!

Moseyed over to the adjacent parking lot and traced the parking lot lines. At this point Photo Finish scared the crap out of us by jumping through the trees by taking his own route to the parking lot.

50x Side Straddle “Hopkins” at the entrance to the playground parking lot. Intended to do a pyramid here, but just went for a total + 1.

What do you say about someone who fires up the grill after Iron PAX?

-> They’re propane!

Moseyed over to the top of the soccer fields.

Pyramid of 7 Box Cutters (49 Total). Earthworms once again found Dick Clark.

Why did the skeleton go to the BBQ?

-> He was looking for a spare rib!

Moseyed down the path to the bottom of the hill.

Pyramid of 7 Merkins (49 Total). A little prep for IPC Week 3

George Foreman named all of his kids George Foreman.

-> He even used the name when he had a little grill!

Moseyed over to the Colosseum. Black Hole mentioned that a flock of vultures was ominously watching him during his vWO.

Pyramid of 7 Dips (49 Total)

Why should you never eat expired BBQ?

-> You could, but you wouldn’t want to Brisket!

Moseyed back to the flag for some MoM.

Rope Pull, Flutter, Hello Dolly, LBCs and Boat Canoes


Thanks to Mountie for introducing me to F3 Princeton and to all the HIMs of F3 Princeton for an incredible year. – Brisket

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