Here comes the (November) sun!

Welcomed the PAX to the Monday morning beatdown with the disclaimer.  Since this was the first beatdown after turning back the clocks it was bright enough in the gloom so that we could actually see our physical-distant brothers!  The brisk dawn, with an almost full-moon setting, called for a beatdown that kept us moving.  

IC – Squats, Mountain climbers and Windmills, Mosey with butt-kickers to adjacent parking lot.

Thang 1
In honor of the date (Nov 2) we did 11s (WW1 situps/squats) with 2 merkins between every 11 count.  Mosey on to Thang 2

Thang 2
On to the Tennis courts.  We miss our brothers (IR – Risky Business) and (busy w/ work – Red Stripe).  We did a RiskyBusiness favorite (Heart Chargers) in RedStripe style (stop at each line for an exercise).  
2 rounds for the 2 missing PAX. 
First set included 2xIW and the second set included 2xMerkins. 
After catching our breath (with Scar’s technique inhale (4 count), hold (4 count), exhale (6 count) ) we moseyed on to Thang 3 at the workout area.

Thang 3
11s again with Dips and Derkins. 
In between each 11 we did just 1 pull up (didn’t want to spend all out time here hanging and cursing the Q)! 
Mosey on to Thang 4.  We’d spotted a fox earlier so to scare it out we sang the cadence song:
         “I don’t know but I’ve been told
          F3 Princeton eat foxes cold”

          “Fresh NOT cold” – Brisket (most aptly named PAX corrected)

Thang 4
At the hairpin on the running trail we cycled through running the hairpin uphill and crab walking down the slope.  AMRAPs till Q called time and mosey back to the flag.

I don’t think we thank our Nantan (DosEquis) enough for picking our AO with so many great options.  

Be mindful of the craziness around us.  Be the pillars of calm reason that our families and communities need.  Stay safe, stay strong.

On a lighter note, if things get really bad, we encouraged Mountie to adopt as many of us as possible 🙂


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