F3 The Mandalorian

PLOT  Five years after the fall of the Empire,[a] a Mandalorian bounty hunter collects a bounty after a scuffle exchange in a bar on Maldo Kreis and returns to a bounty hunting guildhall on Nevarro in his ship, the Razor Crest. He meets with his guild’s leader, Greef Karga, who mostly has low-paying bounties that will not cover travel expenses. Looking to get a bigger bounty, the Mandalorian accepts a mysterious commission for which Karga can only provide an address to meet the Client, who wants the details of the job to be private.

Where: The Arise, weather and temp, unknown
Who: Pax of 12 – ScarU (Q), Scar2K (Q), Trooper, Mountie, Black Hole, Milky Way, Sweaty Palms, Dos Equis, Wall-E, Photo Finish, Brisket, Dick Clark

Warm up – Stretches 

Arm Circles

Calf stretch 

Tippy Taps 

The Thang:

Bounties everyone has to build up to 300 credits. The way you earn credits is by doing exercises.  After every exercise, say “This is the Way”.

List of Bounties- all worth the same – 20 reps = 20 credits 

  1.  Flying “Razor Crest” Squirrels     
  2.  “Blurg” Sumo Squats
  3.  Ranger Merkins
  4.  Plank for 30 seconds
  5.  Side Straddle Hopkins
  6.  Mosey up Green Helmet 

The Client, who uses Imperial stormtroopers as bodyguards, gives the Mandalorian a vague target to bring back alive. The only information he is allowed to give is an age—50 years old—and last known location. In exchange, The Client promises to reward the bounty hunter with a crate of Beskar, a rare metal used by Mandalorians to forge impenetrable armor. Receiving a single bar of Beskar as a down payment, the Mandalorian meets with the Armorer at an enclave housing fellow Mandalorians. The Armorer, who melts the metal into a pauldron reserved for the Mandalorian, says the metal was gathered in The Great Purge and the excess will sponsor other foundlings, like the Mandalorian once was.

  1. Beskar Blairs
  2.  Imperial Walkers 
  3.  Mandalorian Jet Pack Twists 180 deg
  4.  Grogu Pose Rocking 
  5. Boba Fett Troopers 
  6. Mosey up Green Helmet 

The Mandalorian travels to the desert planet Arvala-7—native home of the Ugnaughts—and meets a native named Kuiil who wants to be rid of the criminals and mercenaries who now inhabit the area. Kuiil teaches the Mandalorian to ride a Blurrg, as there are no land speed vehicles to traverse the area, and sends him to where his bounty is located. Upon reaching the hideout, the Mandalorian grudgingly teams up with bounty droid IG-11. They manage to clear the entire facility of its Nikto guards and discover that the bounty is a green, big-eared infant creature. IG-11 plans to kill it, but the Mandalorian blasts the droid to protect the baby and bounty.

  1.  LBCs
  2.  Boat Canoes (Bo Katans)
  3.  Freddy Mercury Speed Bikers  
  4.  Darth vader dips
  5. Mosey up green helmet 

Rinse and Repeat 1-6




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