Everyone loves my Schweddy Palms

Occasionally, F3 Princeton will have a fellow F3 vagabonder join us at The Rising. This round, Sweaty Palms (F3Nolensville TN) raised the bar of our guests and attended multiple Qs, shared some home cooking workouts and even brought his 2.0 (Sandman) to the 10 year F3 anniversary. It was a great reminder of the second F, thank you for adding to our holiday cheer and we hope to see you in future glooms.

Now, on to the show, a Q by Sweaty Palms-

Where: The Rising, Temp 27°  55% humidity 
Who: 13 Strong got their day started off right (Sweaty Palms (Q), ScarU, Dick Clark, Mulligan, Photo Finish, Mountie, Red Card, Trail Blazer, Red Coat, Dos Equis, Milky Way, Black Hole and Brisket)

Little baby arm circles  forward and back
Hulk presses
Slow low squats
30 second plank buy in

The Thang:
Prime Time Blackjack
Start with 20 flying squirrels 1 picnic table step up 19-2 18-3 etc
Every set that starts with a prime number 19,17,13,11,7,5,3 ends with a sprint up the green helmet.

We concluded with a boat/canoe and 30 second plank buy out.

COT, Count off, Namearama,
Tomorrow 6:30 am at Princeton Stadium 2020 steps
Friday 9:00 am West Windsor Community Park for a 10 year anniversary F3 workout.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your tribe.
Sweaty Palms 

In case you miss the original, Schweddy balls inspiration..

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