F3 Princeton celebrates F3’s 10th birthday

Where: The Rising at West Windsor Community Park, 9 am, January 1, 2021
Who: Wall-E (Q), Sandman and Sweaty Palms (F3Nolensville TN), Trail Blazer, Six String, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Mountie, Dos Equis, Brisket, Milky Way, Black Hole, Bollywood, ScarU and Full Circle in the zoom.

15 (2 virtual) PAX assembled at the Princeton AO to celebrate F3’s 10th birthday at 9 am, 1/1/21.  We planned to re-run the original workout as shared by OBT – https://f3nation.com/backblast1/

Thang 1:
Post disclaimer and brief warmup (Tippy taps, Arm Circles and SSH), YHC led the PAX through the 10 exercises interspersed with mosey-around-the-lot as described in the original backblast.  

Thang 2:
We then proceeded to the upper parking lot and performed 10 exercises each for a 10 count.
1) Burpee
2) WW 1 situp
3) Squat
4) Hand Release Merkin
5) Bonnie Blair
6) Freddy Mercury
7) Merkin
8) LBC
9) Bobby Hurley
10) Shoulder Taps
Each was performed at a carefully selected location – with an eye to eventual Strava art to celebrate the 10th anniversary.  We concluded the round with PAX choice – visiting PAX, SweatyPalms (F3 Nolensville TN) chose bear crawls along the length of the parking lot (Yes! 10 parking spots).

Thang 3:
The original backblast described running up a hill for a burpee ladder.  We assembled around Green Helmet, ran up and down, performing an increasing count of socially-distant burpees (from 1 to 5) at the bottom rather than together at the top.

Mary, CoolDown, and COT:
The beatdown concluded with a randomized Abs routine and Mountie leading us through Boat-Canoes.  After a 10-count plank circle we proceeded to Green Helmet for the COT.
YHC recognized the impact F3 has had in our lives.  2020 has been an eventful year but we should be able to look back on it also for what we achieved – not just how Covid-19 upturned our lives.  YHC highlighted:
– Brisket (who was one of the first to leap at the opportunity to start the Monday beatdown) for setting the example of sticking with F3 workouts via zoom even as he dutifully observed the state’s quarantine guidelines.  
– Black Hole for posting for over 100 F3 workouts and running more than 1347 miles all over Mercer County.  
– Kudos to Risky Business for meeting his goal of running 1000 miles even after he was hospitalized by an IronPax related injury.  Encouraging his recovery throughout was Mountie who set a goal to take up running this year and ended it by accompanying RB in the final 4 miles that completed RB’s 1000 miles in 2020.
In 2021 we could all use their example to find our own “Risky Business” goal and start climbing our “Mountain” one day at a time.  

– WallE

Additional Notes from Dos Equis

(Originally written with YHC all over the place and it seemed stilted, so I shifted to pronouns.)

After WallE spoke at the COT atop Green Helmet, I recounted the story of the start of F3 at Alexander Graham Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 1/1/11, with two guys, Dredd and OBT, and an intense desire and dream to “Give It Away” which became the mission of F3: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.   And 8+ years later, the seeds were planted in this state at this site.

The first F – FITNESS: I expressed gratitude to the F3Princeton pax for their growth in this area, and for their eagerness to help their brothers grow in this area, and for their caring accountability one to another.

The second F – FELLOWSHIP:  I told of my deep appreciation for the love and care I have received throughout the 20 months of F3 Princeton, and how exciting it is to see the brothers care for each other and their families.  That love is evident to anyone who comes to our group.  Whenever I think of any of my brothers, I smile broadly.

The third F – FAITH:  We are making a difference in our local world here in Princeton and greater Mercer County: providing lunch to West Windsor Police Department; raising money for Eric LeGrand fund;  Supporting a minority-owned BBQ restaurant in Trenton, New Jersey, by providing meals to front line responders of Capital Health, as well as the individual community service of the men.  Throughout our times together, the men are encouraging each other in virtual leadership.  I remain honored to be a part of this group, and anticipate great times of fitness, fellowship, and faith with these brothers.  Onward.

Thang 4:

Stairs and Gridiron at Princeton Stadium.  Dick Clark, Brisket, Sweaty Palms, Sandman, and Dos Equis spent quality time on the stairs of the Stadium and doing multiple 100 yard sprints on the gridiron.  Our picture for this day: at the 10 yard line, with right side arrow towards the end line. Onward.

Thang 5

BBQ at More than Q.  The stadium gang went out for brisket and ribs afterwards, in 2nd F solidarity with our F3 Charlotte Metro brothers on this day as they gather at Noble Smoke. Onward.

F3 Princeton: Keep Showing Up.

Your brother,

Dos Equis

01 01 2021 F3 Nation – Metro 10 yr Convergence COT

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