F3 Tournament Bracket

Pre-blast details:
It’s F3 Tournament time again, here is what we are doing at F3Princeton to celebrate.

Disclaimer: We always start with the gentle reminder that these workouts are by choice and you will modify as necessary. Be safe and have fun.

The Thang:

  1. Divide the Pax into groups, depending on the number of basketballs and hoops you have.
  2. Divide the F3 bracket by the same number of groups.
    In Princeton, this worked best with 4 courts and therefore groups of 3-4 pax and we divide the bracket by the 4 regions.
  3. Your group will complete your part of the bracket to determine the champ.
    1. Exercises- For each game matchup in your bracket, you will first do the number or exercises of the team for the number or reps equal to the team’s seeding (1-16). So if the 15th seed is merkins, you do 15 merkins. After you have done both exercises, then you shoot free throws to determine which team moves on.
    2. Shooting- Everyone in the group shoots and if anybody makes it, then it counts as a make. (note: this modification was done because we didn’t make many shots 🙂 You could do 1 pax shoots per game to fill out the bracker quicker)
      1. Make the shot- Higher seed, (lower number), wins and advances.
      2. Miss the shot- Lower seed, (higher number), wins and advances.
      3. Rinse and repeat till your bracket is complete, combine with the other groups and then determine your Final Four and ultimately a CHAMPION!
  4. Post your winner and pics on social media with hashtag #F3MarchMadness

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