No Coupons Accepted

PAX: WallE, DickClark, Mulligan, Dos, Aviator, BlackHole (Zoom), Brisket (Q)

Scene: Overcast, extremely windy, 43 degrees, but wind chill of 28.

The PAX arrived at the AO after a very windy night to find bleachers flipped over, a picnic table in the middle of the parking lot and branches littered everywhere. The first exercise was for Dos and WallE to move the picnic bench out of the lot.

With the lot cleared, the PAX got to work on a much needed warm up.

Stretch across hold
Stretch over hold
Leg hold (both)
One Leg Plank (both)
Toe Hold to hip spreader (DickClark Stretches)
Mountie Climbers x15 (Come back soon!)
Windmills x10
PlankJacks x15

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Risky’s Heart Chargers (See you soon!)
ZigZag hops across line out and back x10
(Repeat x20)
Fence Sit for 2 minutes (Thanks, Aviator)

Mosey to Shed to pick up Coupons.

At this point YHC discovered that our not so secret hiding spot for our coupons had been discovered and they had all been removed. Without coupons, we would all be paying full fare for the remainder of the workout.

Move over to outdoor exercise equipment

Offset Merkins x20
Windshield Wipers over random equipment x20
Croc Merks x10

Split into 3 teams and completed a solid round of Dora.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs

… while the other PAX ran around the trees (25 yards)

Moseyed back to parking lot the long way around.

More DickClark stretches.


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