F3 Princeton Heads to CrossFit Games 2021

As Crossfit games are taking place now in Madison, WI where fittest people on Earth compete for the individual and team podium spots we have dedicated this workout to the sport of Crossfit.

Warm up:

Good mornings
Run in place
High knees
Butt kicks
Toe touches
Plank to pike

Mosey to the upper parking lot for our individual Crossfit competition – TABATA
3 movements, 20 sec of work/10 sec of rest for 8 rounds. Every pax keeps their own score (total number of reps)

Big boy sit ups
Reverse lunges

Winner – Wall-E

Mosey to the barn for our team Crossfit Games competition – AMRAP for 10 mins (as many reps as possible)
All pax split into 3 teams named in honor of Crossfit star male athletes: Froning, Fraser, Kwant

In each team 1st pax runs to the goal and back while others do the following movements:
2nd pax – on the pullup bar: knees to 90 degrees or jumping pull ups
3rd pax – deep squats
4th pax – merkins

Winner – Fraser & Kwant teams both of whom scored 6 rounds of the workout

Mosey to the upper parking lot for our final Crossfit competition – EMOM (every minute on the minute)
3 movements, immediate transition from one to another after each min of work

Bear Crawl
Broad Jumps

Followed by sit-throughs (20)

Mosey to the lower parking lot for cool off:

Right side plank
Left side plank
Cobra stretch
Good mornings

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