written by Side Out, Q

Bonxercise (Exercise around bonfire)
AO:WWCP Rising (Pavilion)
Pax: 7 #HIM  Dos Equis, Dick Clark, WallE, Aviator, Brisket, Mulligan,
Q: Side Out
Condition:60°F; wet surface/cloudy

I am not a professional Bonxerciser
This is a free peer lead workout.
I don’t have any knowledge of any individual injury.
All the exercises I am about to say are suggestions. Modify as you please.
Please don’t sue me, anyone here, the park and/or the municipalities. 
Everyone agrees?  “Aye”

Warm Ups:
Arm Circle
Circle Arms
Good Morning Stretches
Right elbow in front
Left elbow in front
Open Gate
Close Gate
DC Stretches

The Thang Rules:

  1. Football is passed to a PAX
  2. Receiver will say a rep count between 25 – 35. 
  3. Q will reveal the exercise


29 SSH
28 Windmill Squats
32 Imperial Rockettes
30 Squat to Calf Raises
Mosey around upper parking lot or Dips

35 Shoulder Tap to T-Merkins
25 Plank Jacks
31 Peter Parker
27 Saw Planks
Mosey arouind upper parking lot or Bear Crawl

30 Reverse Ab Crunch
32 Am Ham
26 Rosalita
55 Bird-Dog
Mosey around upper parking lot or Bobby Hurley

Count:29 Apollo Ono
27 Fwd Lunge with Rotation
33 Jab-Jab-R Knee-up
29 Jan-Jan-L Knee-up
Mosey back to lower parking lot

COT: Mulligan suggested an F3 PAX Birthday calendar, and also record F3 Manniversaries.
Closing done by Q.

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