Presidents Day Q

written by Babe Ruth on the occasion of his VQ, 2/21/22

Conditions: 23 degrees

15 PAX: Dick Clark, Brisket, Dos Equis, Risky Business, Thunder, WallE, Soul, Aviator, Wingman, Morpheus, Mountie, ScarU, SideOut, Mulligan, and Babe Ruth, VQ,

Disclaimer: Modify as necessary. Not a professional. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone.

Arm circle/circle arms,  Side Straddle Hops
Mosey to car park

Thang 1: Set of 3
 Burpees – 12
 Lunges -12
 Mountain Climbers 12
 Squats 12
 Mosey around car park

Thang 2:
(Mike Tyson,Spidermans,Shoulder Taps, Carolina Dry Docks)

Thang 3:
Lunge Walk

Cool Down:
Boat – Canoes

CountaRama, NameoRama, COT

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