Pounding Sand and Dodging Goose Nuggets

Written by Brisket for the Workout on 3/9/22

AO: The Rising (WWCP)

8 PAX: Babe Ruth, Photo Finish, Mountie, WallE, Dos Equis, Aviator, Dick Clark, and Brisket, Q.

Conditions: Overcast with temps in high 30s


Motivators x 10
DickClark Stretches

Mosey to road Route 66
Merkins Descending
Skip every other tree

Turnpike: Mosey back to Baseball Diamond


Escalators: Run the bases and add an exercise from the following at each base.

3rd base exercises ended with the following: 10 Flying Squirrels, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs, 40 Merkins


Field of Dreams: Each base is a desginated exercise station. PAX who are not doing Burpees complete AMRAPs until the Burpee PAX bump them to the next station. Keep rotating until all PAX have completed Burpees.

Home – Squats
1st – LBCs
2nd – Dry Docks
3rd – Burpees x10

Mosey to Flag /COT:

Continued prayers for Ukraine and enjoying the bright mornings before DST begins.

Honored to lead,


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