Hard as Woodpecker Lips

AO: The Rising
6 PAX: Dos equis, WallE, Brisket, Nutria, Photo Finish, and Dick Clark, Q.
Conditions: 40°, raining medium hard, with wind to blow it around. We needed to harden ourselves.

Warm-up: run in place, SSH, Windmill, DC stretches, Imperial Walkers, Circle Arms

Thang 1:
We gathered in the pavilion, and did Merkins using a counting routine that Dick Clark got from US Army airborne school in 1988: “BBs”. The instructor said he would “make us as hard as woodpecker lips”.
From a standing position, get down, do one Merkin, stand back up, and count “one BB”.
Then get down and do two Merkins, stand up, and say “two BB’s”.
Continue up to 10, and then back down to one. By the end, you have done 100 Merkins (Er, BBS…)

Thang 2:
Plank Jacks x40
Russian Twists x40
Cinco squeezes x20
Jump Squats x10
Squats x20
Burpees x40
Imperial Squats x10
Lunges x20

Thang 3: same exercises as round two, but doing it with a Tabata timer, 45 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest, and plenty of music.

Windshield Wipers x30
LBC x30
Freddy Mercury x30

COT: Welcome to Nutria from F3 Gastonia.

Honored to Lead,

Dick Clark

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