The AI Don’t Lie V2

A Workout by i3: The Random Beatdown Generator of F3 UK Southeast

AO: The Rising (WWCP)

5 PAX: Morpheus, Dick Clark, ScarU, Aviator, and Brisket, Q

Conditions: 32 degrees, no wind. Perfect weather for Monday

With the recent reveal of the F3 beatdown generator courtesy of F3 UK Southeast, The Q decided it was a great time to bring back an AI generated workout that DickClark had previously run. The PAX showed up strong and the CPU was no match for the PAX.


21s x2
SSH 2 count to 5, Burpee if PAX do not stop at 21. The PAX were firing on all cylinders as no Burpees were handed out.
DickClark Stretches
Arm Circles
Circle Arms. Mosey to upper lot


Bear Crawl 360 across narrow part of lot.
Bear crawl while rotating
Mountain Climber Merkins x15
Monkey Humpers x15
American Hammer x30
Merkin Mile in a loop
Do 25 merkins and then run a quarter mile x4
100 Merkins x 1 Mile


Jingle Balls x10
Plank position
R foot to to R hand
R foot to to L hand
L foot to to L hand
L foot to to R hand
Dolly x20
Stagger Merkins x 15
Imperial Squat Walker x15
Heels to heaven x15
Lay on back
Legs 90 degrees in the air
Lower legs on 3 count
Raise legs on 4.

Finished up with a round of Fire Drills
All PAX start by jogging in place
Each PAX takes a turn calling FIRE!
All PAX drop to the ground
Roll to the right, Merkin
Roll to the left, Merkin
Repeat until all PAX have run a fire drill

CountArama, NameORama, COT:
Thoughts for PAX dealing with injuries. Thoughts for PAX traveling and grateful for the beginning of a brand new week!

Honored to Lead,

Brisket and the i3 Random Beatdown Generator

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