Hard as Woodpecker Lips

AO: The Rising6 PAX: Dos equis, WallE, Brisket, Nutria, Photo Finish, and Dick Clark, Q. Conditions: 40°, raining medium hard, with wind to blow it around. We needed to harden ourselves. Warm-up: run in place, SSH, Windmill, DC stretches, Imperial Walkers, Circle Arms Thang 1:We gathered in the pavilion, and did Merkins using a counting routineContinue reading “Hard as Woodpecker Lips”

Dick Clark’s “A-One, and A-Two”

Written by Dick Clark, Q. Dick Clark’s “A-one, and a-two…” (Hint: check out the date)Date: 1/12/22AO: RisingPax: 11Conditions: 18°, Clear, GFI = 25, Warm-up: run in place, imperial walkers, side straddle hop, Merkin, stretches. Thang 1:Outbound route 66: squats.Inbound route 66: flutters. Thang 2:Play Lawrence Welk music (“A-one, and a-two…”) and do rounds of Elevens:Continue reading “Dick Clark’s “A-One, and A-Two””