March Madness is upon us and in the next few weeks will be full of great basketball and excitement. Many of us will fill out brackets for bragging rights of randomly guessing the NCAA champ. But what if the bracket meant something different? What if the bracket was a sportcenter highlight list of your favorite beatdowns with your F3 brothers?

We present F3 March Madness Bracket Challenge.


The bracket has been filled out with 16 of our favorite F3 exercises (with a little flavor added to the names to tie into the real tourney – Maryland Merkins, Duke Dips and the Villanova Vacuum Cleaners aka wheelbarrows).

Break the PAX into 4 groups, each at their own basketball hoop and a ball.
Each group will have one region (one forth) of the full bracket to complete.

Game Time

  1. Starting with the 1 vs 16 matchup, the team performs both exercises for that “game” or matchup. The number of reps is the team’s seeding #. The first game is #1 Butler Burpees vs. #16 Louisville LBCs, so we do 1 burpee and 16 LBCs
  2. Then each member of the team shoots a Free Throw.  If anybody makes the shot, the top seed moves on, if everyone misses, then the lower seed advances.
  3. You work through each game until you complete the first round (first column of the bracket), then mosey around the basketball courts. 
  4. The second round starts the new matchups based on the first round and you keep going. Rinse and repeat until you have a champ for your region.
  5. When all 4 hoops have a champ, you match up the final four and shoot it out as a big group for the champion.

Notes- Modify the shooting rules (and everything) as necessary, some people shoot better after 50 merkins, others don’t.

#F3BracketChallenge!  here is how F3Princeton did.. https://f3princeton.com/2020/03/07/march-madness-f3-style/

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