Memorial Day 2020

A Return to The Rising

NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order increasing capacity limits at parks on Friday, May 22. Nantan Dos Equis reopens The Rising, applying the 6-24 rule.

11 #HIM posted for a hybrid in-person AND virtual workout.

Where: The Rising and Zoomland

Who: Black Hole (Q), Milky Way (1st in person posting), Mountie, Brisket, Dos Equis, Scar, Red Coat, Red Stripe, Risky Business, Cruiser, and Full Circle (Zoom)

Disclaimer: COVID19-special – social distance and masks along with the usual

Warmups: windmills, arm circles, circle arms, planks / dig in dirt / down dog


In honor of Memorial Day, a day to remember the members of the military who lost their lives while serving this country, the WO is broken down into 5 mini AOs, one for each branch of the military.

Strava trace courtesy of Risky Business

Mosey 100m to soccer field

Army (established 1775 June 14)

  • ranger merkins- hands by ribs (arms)
  • american hammers (abs)
  • imperial walker (legs)
  • SSH (cardio)

Mosey 100m to other soccer field

Navy (established 1775 Oct 13)

  • N – no surrender (legs)
  • A – alligator merkins (arms)
  • V – rosalita – straight legs (abs), (v-like)
  • Y – smurf jacks (cardio), looks a *little* like a Y, probably more like x…

Mosey 100m to trail by trees

Marine Corps (established 1775 Nov 10)

  • burpees (cardio)
  • imperial squat walker (legs)
  • hello dolly-bent knees (abs)
  • chuck norris merkin- fists (arms)

Mosey 100m to Green Helmet

Coast Guard (established 1790 Aug 4)

Use your imagination that you’re in the Coast Guard in your boat/canoe and you need to swim over (bear crawl) to green top of green helmet and rescue someone by doing plank jacks and bringing them back (crawl bear) to the boat/canoe. repeat 5 times to rescue family.

  • boat canoes (abs)
  • Bear crawls- up green helmet (arms)
  • plank jacks- on top of green helmet (cardio)
  • Crawl bears- down green helmet backwards (arms)
The Bear Crawl up Green Helmet (courtesy of WallE)

Mosey 100m to other end of football field

 Air Force (establised 1907 Aug 1)

  • flutter (abs)
  • star jumps (legs)
  • flying squirrel (cardio)
  • imperial stormkickers (legs)

Mosey 100m back to homebase

Most of the exercises were performed at 20 reps each and in cadence where appropriate. About half way through the beatdown, a heckler (aka WallE) shows up on a bike. He watches and joins the mumble chatter, but doesn’t partake in the beatdown.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.

COT: Grateful to the NJ Gov for increasing the # people gathering in the park. Grateful for the sacrifices of the fallen military members, veterans, and active duty service members. Grateful for the fellowship of the PAX for showing up in person after 65 days in isolation. A moment of silence was observed.


YHC, Black Hole

COT, courtesy of WallE
Group photo. Full Circle is on Zoom in the cell phone in foreground.
(courtesy of Mountie)

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