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July 11, 2020

It had been exactly 4 months (and 85 zoom workouts) since my last Q at “The Rising”. I was usually the first one to drive into the AO, but not today. The shovel-flag was already in place, and XX and BlackHole were ready and waiting with an FNG!
It felt good to be back.

With late arrivals accounted for and the zoom broadcast (thank you Black Hole) in place the beatdown was ready to roll. Post disclaimer, the warm-up consisted of:
Arm Circles
Circle Arms
Tippy Taps (not a WallE Q without these! secret – these are a must-do for the creaky Q)
Slow Squats
Mountain Climbers

These days the AO is quite a busy place with cyclists, runners, tennis classes and cricketers. Hence YHC, as Q, was the first one to have to modify the workout in search of dry ground with space for socially distant PAX.
We moseyed to the BB-courts where we snagged one of the courts for the 6-pack of 11s. We spread out along the length on one side and counted through the 11s by running to opposite sides. The 11s were:
1) LBCs / Imperial Walkers
2) Mountain Climbers / Squats
3) Bobby Hurleys / Carolina Dry Docks
4) Hand Release Merkins / Moghuls (a zoom-land introduction for Princeton)
5) Flutters / WW II Situps
6) Lunges / LBCs
Since we already had someone waiting for the court, we moseyed back towards the flag. Early finishers did the Q-created Burpee de-construction for extra credit:
1 Burpee (Burpee = a merkin, a squat and a jump)
2 double Burpees (each Burpee = 2 merkins, 2 squats and 2 jumps)
3 triple Burpees (each Burpee = 3 merkins, 3 squats and 3 jumps)
And that was a wrap.

The Beatdown ended with an extended COT where were went over the 3 Fs, core principles, credo and mission on F3 for our FNG. We welcomed PhotoFinish and DarkKnight.
TAPs for our families, communities and nation as we all start stepping back into our lives (schools, work, play). We should continue to practice the leadership that our communities need now.
It felt good to be back.


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